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Welcome to UPG Pipe Co., Ltd.

UPG Pipe Co., Ltd. - A specialized manufacturer of premium uPVC pipes and fittings and is the ONLY and FIRST ISO 9001:2015 certified uPVC pipe factory in Cambodia.

We, with factory located in Phnom Penh, are now one of the leading producer and is developing ourselves to become a largest factory in the coming future. Under ISO 9001:2015 procedure, we consistently commit and pursue our excellence with superior quality uPVC pipe and fittings at a competitive price.

Our flagship product of Eagle brand – consisting of uPVC pipe, electrical cable conduit pipe, flexible corrugated conduit pipe, fittings and accessories – are always the best choice across all industries and applications such as for construction, plumbing, drainage system, irrigation, electrical and telecommunication sectors.

Our production and product quality are run and strictly controlled by proficient technical personnel, together with the latest manufacturing facility and a comprehensive in-house testing laboratory with high-tech equipment.

Product tests are subsequently executed in our laboratory to ensure high grade, performance standard and longevity of pipe, as a preferred product by customers and contractors as well.

Customer's satisfaction is always our priority. We commit to continue to innovate new and better products with greater cost efficiencies, ease of installation and to improve our customer service.